2 Stages

12 Hours

40 Acts


Is there such a thing as too much improv? We don't think so! 

That's why we've jam-packed the Amsterdam Improv Marathon 2018 with forty acts from all across the Netherlands, as well as Belgium, Germany, Spain and the UK. Check out the full line-up below. 

A few things to point out:

  • Two Stages: The 'YES' Stage will run for the whole 12 hours, while The 'AND' Stage will only run for 8 hours (Blocks 2-5)
  • Blocks: Shows are broken up into two-hour blocks with a ten-minute break at the end of each. 
  • Dutch vs English: The majority of the acts will perform in English, however there are two Dutch-language blocks (Block 4 on Stage A and Block 5 on Stage B). 

Single block ticket

The Amsterdam Improv Marathon is broken up into two-hour blocks. Come enjoy a slice of the best improv the Amsterdam community has to offer, including local stars, upcoming acts and international friends. Programme will be released in early May.

Full day pass

Can't choose what you want to see? With the full day pass, you don't have to! Enjoy a jam-packed day of epic improv from the Amsterdam community and beyond, featuring old stars and new. Programme will be released in early May.